A little from history

History: Within XIX century the dog fights with participation of bulldogs were very popular all over the world, including France. When new breed of bulldogs crossed La Manche, it was ambiguously met by the British dog breeders. "The Frenches" have got for the first time to England in 1893, however Englishmen did not promote further maintenance of new breed. In 1902 in England the club of fans of the French bulldogs has been organised, but there were in all some dogs. Further, however, breed has been appreciated, and for it there came good times. Now breed is very popular. The characteristic: the French bulldog is famous for the resoluteness. The latent force and natural charm do this dog irresistible. The bulldog is obedient and likes to give the pleasure to the owner. The well-cared and brawny French bulldog is as mobile, as attractive. (The small atlas of breeds of dog, 1992)

Why the French bulldog?

The first conclusive advantage are small sizes: weight of this doggie from 8 to 14 kg. Nevertheless a bulldog - a strong, powerful dog, with well developed muscles, - inspiring the kind respect to street hooligans. The short, dense wool facilitates care it. It is impossible to name the French bulldog “gossipy”, it barks a little and only on a good reason that excludes conflicts to neighbours. And, at last, it is exclusively clever dog. A dialogue with this dog affords many of positive emotions! (I will add to above told when my old bulldog became deaf and ceased to hear commands, he quickly learned on gesture to understand what we require).


About us

Our experience of work with the French bulldogs begins since 1990. 20 years long my life is connected with this remarkable breed.


Time quickly runs, replacing generation of bulldogs, but those first bulldogs living in my house, for ever remained in our memory:
Baksana (Buller x Ivetta) and her son Adams Cenn Paris (Baksana x Adam Rapa).



They lived with us during 12 years, and I am grateful to them for their love and fidelity. Owing to these two bulldogs I decided to study kinology. After ending kinological courses during 7 years I worked as leader of French bulldogs' club "Glad".


And in 2002 I have formalized kennel "Bulldogi iz Ozerkov" (RKF - FCI). Two puppies of the French bulldogs I have got from Elenas Osadche's kennel became a kennel's basis:



Kvestor (Sanni) – DOB: 20.01.2002,
(Apacshe Les Petits Archanges x Peti Llevr Vidi Vichi)


Fripon Rus (Fibbi) – DOB: 10.08.2002,
(Vladamir Vais x Peti Llevr Vidi Vichi)


These dogs already are pensioners, but they have many remarkable offsprings living in Russia and abroad!

Let's open for yourself the French bulldog and he will present to you his heart!



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